How to set and assigns a ringtone to a contact on Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

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Here's simple tricks on how you can set a ringtone to a contact on Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830. You can assign an specific ringtone of your choice to your chosen contact that have been save in your Galaxy Ace phone book.

I've do this settings in order for me to quickly know who's calling me out from the specific ringtone I've assigned to it. You can apply it too by simply following the steps below. You can select and assigned each as you want.

Here's how to set and assigns a notification ringtone on Samsung Galaxy Ace:
Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
> On the Main Home Screen Press the contacts icon.
> select your desired contact where you to set and assign a desired ringtone.
> Tap and hold the required contact until a pop-up menu is displayed.
> Tap Edit.
> Tap Ringtone.
> Tap Default ringtone, Sound or Phone ringtone.
> Tap OK.
> Tap Save.
> Then tap the Home key to return to standby mode.

Added: thanks to TH.
After checking around on youtube and also the various websites I finally figured out how to customize ringtones for my contact list. You must first save your "contact" on your phone (not the sim card).
1) Type in the phone number
2) push menu button to add to contacts
3) you will be asked if you want to save it on the sim card, google contact or phone. Pick phone.
4) Add in your entry and save. Now when you go to contacts you will see that your new save does not have a little sim card icon next to it. Just select the contact and hit your menu bar to edit the ring tone. Hope this helps you.

Then try to call that specific contact or number on your Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 using another phone and see it works.