How to boost or increase earphone speaker volume on Samsung Galaxy S II I9100

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If you are not satisfied and having problem on Samsung Galaxy S II speaker volume like its very low even you've already set to its maximum volume. Many users experiencing and been complaining about speaker volume like a very low on phone calls,earphone, headset and in the car using AUX.
This tips might help you solve the problem, give these a try just send us a feedback whether it works for you or not:

A) Enter service mode by typing below code on your dialer :
click the following:
Choose Handset, headset, Speaker (which ever you want higher volume)
[1] SRC Speech RX Volume
Change default values and higher the values any number of your choosing, here is an example:
[0]0_lvl : 68
[1]1_lvl : 72
[2]2_lvl : 76
[3]3_lvl : 80
[4]4_lvl : 84
[5]5_lvl : 88 Higher these values to until hear volume improvement.

Can also edit the values from:
[2]DST I2S1 TX Volume
[3]SRC I2S1 RX Volume: 100
[4]DST Speech TX Volume: 94

Samsung Galaxy S2 increase speaker volume
This Samsung volume setting, worked for several people but sadly only worked 2 times for me and values keep resetting for me (doesn't mean for you, so give it a try) Also this is based on STOCK firmware.

B) the second thing you might to try is app called Volume+:
This app guarantees it higher the volume without the need of touching its default settings, BUT huge drawback it highers everything: Headset, speaker and Bluetooth EXCEPT HANDSET which is the most important
(I also downloaded many volume increase apps, but Volume+ was the only one got the job done for everything but handset)

C) Lastly get GOOGLE VOICE app (create a GV account if you don't have one)
just by installing Google and logging on, every time you make a call, your calls get forwarded through Google voice and volume levels become acceptable in ALL HANDSET, HEADSET, SPEAKER, BLUETOOTH (just like phone should of have been) (this what i personally use fix my volume issues)

If the above tips doesn't work for you,  the best way is to complain it to your Samsung Galaxy S II provider.