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Tips: How to Debrand HTC Sensation

Here’s a guide that I’ve been found that make use in debranding HTC Sensation. A lot of advance users been looking for this guide, but yet now I found out a step by guide over XDA developer.After searching with no success for a clear way to debrand you…

How to Con­nect the Sam­sung Galaxy S2/SII I9100 to PC via USB

 Many users who just recently bought Sam­sung Galaxy S2 I9100 struggling an issue when  tried to con­nect the phone to the PC to access the SD card though, and somehow it didn’t really work. An error message appears “Android MTP Failed!”.

 Some few tips below might help you to the task and  man­aged to access the phone’s inter­nal SD card on  PC. Just ensure that you have already installed necessary drivers for your Samsung Galaxy S2 or install KIES on your PC.

Samsung Galaxy S2 connect to pc via USB

Here’s how,

-Enable usb debugging from Menu > Settings > Applications
-return to home screen
-plug usb cable in
-pull down status bar
-press ‘ connect usb storage’ button

or try this method:

Alternatively, without USB debugging enabled

Go to Settings > Wireless & Network > USB utilities and click the button > then (and ONLY then) plug in USB cable

Hope this helps…